Westside Baptist Church of York  
Welcome to West Side Baptist Church of York

West Side supports missionaries in Rome, Italy, as well as missionaries who are seminary instructors who travel to various continents and may teach in schools from one to six months in nations where such instruction is greatly needed but not easily accessible.

In addition to these substantial monthly supports, West Side contributes to a variety of special missionary projects and literature ministries around the world. Monies for such projects and ministries have been channeled through such organizations as Middle East Reformed Fellowship, Association of Reformed Baptist of America, Editora Fiel, Wycliffe Translators, European Missionary Fellowship, and Chapel Library.

Endeavors are constantly made at West Side to keep the congregation informed of current opportunities, advances, and challenges with regard to the spread of the gospel and church-planting ministries. Missionary news is normally a part of each Wednesday and Sunday evening service. 





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