Westside Baptist Church of York  
Welcome to West Side Baptist Church of York

West Side Baptist Church participates in a number of local out reach ministries in the York Community, among them York Country Prison, and the Barley Autumn House Assisted Living Communities, East and West.

Our focus, as always, is the hope of Jesus Christ no matter the circumstances in the life of the hearer of God's Word.


West Side also reaches out to nearly 100,000 homes in the surrounding communities through a monthly evangelistic article, called Moments with the Bible, in two area circulars, The Merchandiser and The Community Courier. The purpose of these articles is to expose the lost to the many glorious aspects of the gospel of Jesus Christ and to correct the many distorted concepts of God and the gospel which are prevalent in many people's thinking.


West Side also hosts an Annual Dinner in November at the Thomasville Volunteer Fire Hall, Lincoln No. 1, to thank the local EMS Providers, First Responders, and their families for serving the area. This is an opportunity to meet with local volunteers for an evening of good food, a evangelistic message, and a personal thank you.

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Lincoln Highway | PO Box 274 | Thomasville, PA 17364 | 717.225.6404