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Kermit L. Minnick, Pastor

"... you do not know what will happen tomorrow."
James 4:14

Two vehicles collide. A scaffolding collapses. A hunter is mistakenly shot. A house burns. A boat capsizes. A heart attack. War. A fall through thin ice. A fall over a precipice. A swimmer drowns. Someone chokes while eating. A drunken driver. A homicidal robber or rapist. Carbon monoxide poisoning. Someone caught in a machine. Floods and earthquakes. A pedestrian struck by a car. A plane crash. A mine cave-in. A drug overdose. A farming accident. A troubled sniper. A motocyclist hits gravel. A slip off a ladder. Accidental strangulation. A tsunami. A domestic murder-suicide.

Friend, every day we hear or read of the deaths of our fellow-men. Their deaths were without warning or expectation. Many were strong, healthy, and young. They showed promise of a long and useful life. Yet, it is a fact. They are no longer here in the land of the living. Yet, not taking it to heart, we are prone to disregard any possibility that we ourselves wil not live out the day. We take it for granted that we are different. Surely we shall be among those who will have a long warning before our date with death.

Dear Reader, there is a good reason to be prepared for the unexpected. Many will die today who did not at all expect to die when they awoke this morning. And many of them are not prepared to meet God. They have not believed on the righteousness and sacrifice of Jesus Christ for their everlasting salvation. They have not sought forgiveness through Him.

There is a line by us unseen that crosses every path,

It is the line that goes between, God's mercy and God's wrath.



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