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Kermit L. Minnick, Pastor


". . . lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God . . ."

  2 Timothy 3:4

  What we enjoy, we love. As our enjoyment in a thing increases or decreases, our love for it increases or decreases accordingly. Our enjoyment is, as the very word implies, that in which we rejoice. Enjoyments are pleasures, things which please us. And what pleases us, we love, we set a high value upon it, and are willing to invest time, energy, and money in it. Many of life's pleasures are God's good gifts to man. God created man male and female and instituted marriage. He ordained satisfying and productive work. He gave man a wonderful variety of tasty foods. He gave man the freedom and the ability to travel. He endowed man with musical and artistic talents. He enriched mankind with a multitude of athletic abilities and potential hobbies, recreations, and diversified interests. In all of the above there is no danger in the nature of the activity itself, for it is God's gift. However, man's alienation from God is seen in that legitimate pleasures are all too often idolized and replace God in a person's life: golf, fishing, football, museums, but no time, no interest, no heart for God. Time to watch television programs, but no time to read God's Word. Energy to pursue travel, but no energy to go to church during travel. Money to tickets to pro-games but no money to support the kingdom of God. But another category of pleasures which are even more blatantly against God than the above are the pleasures which men have perverted in their very nature, and sinfulness lies at the very heart of them. There is nothing inherently evil in going fishing, but pornography is a pleasure which is rebellion against God. There is no divine law against the enjoyment of collectibles, but refusing to honor the Lord on the Lord's day is a violation of God's command to give Him His due. The "pleasures" of drunkenness and addictions are manifestations of an unsubmissive heart to God. The Bible refers to some "whose god is their belly". Jesus said no man could serve two masters. Is your's pleasure or God?





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