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Kermit L. Minnick, Pastor

“I will magnify Him with thanksgiving.”
Psalm 69:30

Thanksgiving magnifies God. It acknowledges God as the source of benefits received -- His power, wisdom, love, and grace which convey such benefits. Thanksgiving makes God appear to be the great God that He is. “The LORD is great, and greatly to be praised.” (Psalm 96:4). He is great in His nature. He is “infinite, eternal, and unchangeable in His being, wisdom, power, holiness, justice, goodness, and truth.” There is no God like Him, and no God but Him. He is great in all His works -- His works of creation, providence, and redemption. Each of His works has His infinitely glorious fingerprints upon it. He is great in His authority. Nothing and nobody is outside His jurisdiction. All of His creatures and all of their actions are governed by His great wisdom, power, and justice. They are all fulfilling His holy purposes. But though God is so great, yet our hearts are fare from sufficiently recognizing His greatness and responding to it in a worthy manner. We are little awed or humbled by His greatness. Our tendency, sadly, is to make much of ourselves but little of Him. Our sinful souls reduce Him, minimize Him, shrink Him; in our thoughts He is less wise, less powerful, less righteous, less sovereign than He really is. Minimizing God’s greatness goes hand in hand with minimizing our sins. We can only view ourselves as small sinners if we have a small God. When we acknowledge God as a great God, we feel ourselves to be great sinners in need of a great Savior. Then we are full of awe that such a great God would show such grace, and mercy to such sinners. Then we heartily say, “I will magnify Him with thanksgiving.”



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