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Kermit L. Minnick, Pastor


"Then He said to her, 'Your sins are forgiven." 

Luke 7:48

  The Lord Jesus ministered comfort to a woman who had faith in Him. "He said to her, 'Your sins are forgiven." In making this brief declaration, He said much. His referring to sin would remind her that she had broken God's commandments. Sin is lawlessness; it is not doing what God commands, and/or doing what He forbids. Whenever God's commandments are not given attention or not taught, the subject of sin is not mentioned; it is suffocated in silence. But Jesus spoke of sin, and every faithful follower of the Lord will have frequent occasion to honor God by referring to His law. Jesus also spoke to this woman as being a sinner. "Your sins," He said. We all need to be reminded that we are sinners in God's sight, for we are prone to forget this, to make excuses for our sins, and to resent being addressed as sinners. But Jesus compassionately speaks to her as to a sinner. He knew her sins, in the plural, her many sins. He also knows all my sins and your sins. The Bible describes God as burdened and wearied with our many sins. But finally, Jesus proclaimed to this sinful woman that her sins "are forgiven." Forgiveness involves the repeal of the deserved penalty. Sins deserve punishment for God takes His authority over us seriously. But when He forgives sins, the penalty of those sins is canceled - not postponed - but canceled. If we are not forgiven our sins, the penalty is normally postponed until death, giving us opportunity to repent and believe in the Lord. But when we do believe or trust in the Lord, like this woman, our penalty is utterly canceled or repealed. That is, to us who are guilty it is repealed, but only because the righteous Lord Jesus Himself bore the punishment of His people's sins on the cross. He paid the penalty of God's wrath in order that sinners might be forgiven. Without His satisfying divine justice, there would not be forgiveness for any sinner. Each of us needs to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ as this sinful woman believed. We should not be able to eat or sleep until we are assured that He has spoken by His Spirit in our hearts those peaceful words, "Your sins are forgiven."





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