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Kermit L. Minnick, Pastor

"What fruit did you have then in the things of which you are now ashamed?"
Romans 6:21

  Sin can be appealing in premeditation, but appalling in performance. It entices by appearing to be attractive, popular, delicious. It draws mankind into it by promising pleasures, profits, and status. When conscience warns against it, our depraved nature, under these enticements, asserts safety in non-detection (in spite of what was seen and heard on last night's news). There is wealth to be gained, lust to be satisfied, lust to be achieved, and our feet are by nature ready to run in the way of sinful means to bring these ends to pass. Good times are to be had, and to be had safely (we think), so the expectation and anticipation produce the participation and commission. And indeed there is exhilaration, pleasure, excitement. The Bible does refer to "the passing pleasures of sin." Ah, yes. The passing pleasures of sin. Criminals are incarcerated, families are destroyed, abortions are performed, children are reared without fathers, schools can barely keep order, robbery victims are left uncompensated, and in some cases those who sinned take their own lives because they are unwilling to face the shame of their sins. When mankind rejects God and His authority and consequently does not live in obedience to Him, it leads to appalling consequences. To be appalled is to be overcome with consternation, horror, dismay. It is to become pale, faint, weak. It is to experience great shame and blushing. "What fruit (profit, advantage) did you then have in the things of which you are now ashamed?" This question was asked by the apostle Paul to Christians as he was exhorting them to live godly lives. He reminds them how harmful and dishonorable their former lives were in their unconverted state, and how they now are ashamed of their former behavior. They have come to faith in Christ and have become new creatures in Him. They have nothing to fear of punishment because their sins are forgiven through faith in the Son of God, but they continue to experience a shame for what they once were. Their remembrance of their former sins perform a humbling and sanctifying effect upon them. Many who are ashamed of their deeds are not converted, but all of the converted are ashamed of their sinful deeds. Jesus Christ is the only one who has ever lived who needed to have no shame. His righteousness is put to the account of all who call upon Him for salvation.



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