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Kermit L. Minnick, Pastor

“… for they know his voice.”
John 10:4

Sheep know the voice of their shepherd. They recognize it and respond to it when he calls. The Lord Jesus Christ said that this was also true of His sheep. They knew His voice and followed Him. They discerned that what He taught was from God. They knew that His teachings were true, His commandments were right, His promises were faithful, and His warnings were just. They not only heard with their ears, but they heard with their hearts. What He said worked effectively in them to produce an imitating of His example, an obeying of His commandments, a following of Him as sheep follow their shepherd. They were unable to live in the same manner as they had formerly lived once they heard His voice--His instructions, His invitations, His promises. Their hearts were taken with what they had heard and the force of truth constrained them to follow Him. While many others rejected what He said, argued against His words, contradicted His teachings, and ultimately crucified Him, His sheep knew His voice and followed Him.

Dear reader, this is as true today as it was when the Lord Jesus walked upon the earth. In the proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ, there are many who are offended at Jesus’ teaching on the sinfulness of immorality, greed, pride, self-righteousness, etc. Many are offended at His teaching on the reality and certainty of the wrath of God--of everlasting punishment for the impenitent and unbelieving. Many are offended at His teaching that He is the only Savior of sinners, that “no man comes unto the Father but by Me.” But, “…the sheep follow Him, for they know His voice.”



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