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Kermit L. Minnick, Pastor

“And He was numbered with the transgressors.”
Isaiah 53:12

Approximately seven hundred years before the birth of Jesus Christ, the prophet Isaiah wrote concerning the promised Messiah, “He was numbered with the transgressors.” To be numbered with transgressors and to be a transgressor are very different things. Jesus Christ was not a transgressor (a sinner, a violator of God’s law), but He was numbered with transgressors. When He lived upon the earth and taught the people and performed His miracles, He was often accused of being a transgressor. He was faulted for being a friend of publicans and sinners, for performing His miracles in the power of Satan, for being a drunkard and glutton, for being a Sabbath-breaker, and for blasphemy. When His enemies pressed the Governor, Pilate, to have Him crucified, they said (John 18:30): “If He were not an evildoer, we would not have delivered Him up to you.” When they succeeded in having Him crucified, we read (Mark 15:27,28): “With Him they also crucified two robbers, one on His right and the other on His left. So the Scripture was fulfilled which says, ‘And He was numbered with the transgressors.’” His suffering capital punishment at the hands of the Roman government between two criminals was intended to make Him appear to be guilty of vile transgressions. Friend, Jesus Christ was willing to be numbered with transgressors in order to suffer and die for us who are transgressors. If He had been a transgressor Himself, He would not be able to take away our sins, for He Himself would have needed a Savior. He alone is the God-sent Redeemer of believing transgressors.



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