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Kermit L. Minnick, Pastor


“… with a plumb line in His hand.”

Amos 7:7

Throughout history builders and masons have produced a vertical line for the purpose of constructing walls by using a string with a plummet or weight attached at the bottom. As the wall rises in height, it is upright so long as it follows the plumb line. In the Bible, the prophet Amos sees God “with a plumb line in His hand.” God holds this plumb line not for the purpose of building, but for the purpose of judging the uprightness of men and women, boys and girls. Whoever He finds not plumb or upright, He will punish. Amos declared that God was soon to punish the nation of Israel by sending the Assyrian army to carry them into captivity because of their many sins of idolatry, immorality, greed, oppression, injustice, bribery, etc. When God held the plumb line of His law beside the lives of the people, their thoughts, attitudes, desires, speech, and conduct were persistently deviant from His law. They did not live their lives by God’s plumb line but by their own desires and moods. Indeed, we today in this twenty-first century do the same. We “are convicted by the law as transgressors.” (James 2:9). Consequently the righteous judgment of God is our portion unless we are saved from the punishment we deserve for our crooked lives. The main message of the Bible is about the Savior whose life is in perfect agreement with God’s plumb line (commandments). In Him there is no deviation, no crookedness, no sin. He is “Jesus Christ the Righteous.” He obeyed perfectly for His people. “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.” (John 3:16).



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