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Kermit L. Minnick, Pastor

“… the days of the years of my life ...”
Genesis 47:9

As we approach the beginning of a new year, let us remember a few remarkable facts about our lives and how we measure the length of them. Conditions are present here on planet earth which exactly coincide with our needs if we are to live at all. Air, water, food, and temperature are among the most obvious of these conditions. God, who created the conditions, created man to live and thrive in these conditions. These conditions are in part due to the earth being set on a tilt on its axis which gives the planet its seasons with the climatic and agricultural variations. These conditions are in part due to the earth being accompanied by the moon, which by its distance from the earth and its rotation around the earth, controls the earth’s tides and keeps the oceans which cover seventy per cent of the planet where they belong. These conditions are in part due to the rotation of the earth which we witness in its effects of sunrise and sunset every day. He who created the earth set it a spinning and this provides opposite sides of the earth with light and heat to sustain life for man, for animals, and for plants. Each rotation is a day of our life. These conditions are in part due to the revolution of the earth around the sun. He who created the earth placed it not closer to and not farther from the sun than would support life on earth, and He keeps it on its annual elliptical orbit around the sun. Each revolution is a year of our life. As we embark on another revolution, remember that God’s purpose for us is to know and glorify Himself. Let us therefore repent and trust in the Lord Jesus the rest of the days of the years of our lives.



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