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Kermit L. Minnick, Pastor

“… the righteousness which is from God by faith.”
Philippians 3:9

From the moment Jesus Christ was born of the virgin Mary until the moment He yielded up His spirit on the cross, He obeyed the law of God perfectly. During the entirety of His life, He was without sin. In thought, attitude, word, and deed, He flawlessly did the will of God. This is just another way of saying that He was perfectly righteous. This righteousness which He performed, He performed for sinners who would sense their own guilt and who would call upon Him to be their Savior. Such sinners come to the place in their lives where they understand that their best works fall far short of God’s absolute standards. They acknowledge that very often their transgressions are aggravated by their knowledge of right and wrong, their committing sin purposely with premeditation, and their leading others into sin by encouragement and example. They see that their hearts are
depraved and therefore their thoughts, desires, motives, attitudes, words, and deeds are all tainted with sin because they issue from such a polluted fountain. They understand that the Lord Jesus died to satisfy God’s righteous wrath for guilty sinners, and that He obeyed God’s law perfectly to give them a valid title to the everlasting kingdom of God. Sinners are saved by good works and law-keeping, but not their own good works, nor their own law-keeping. They are saved by “the righteousness which is from God by faith,” that is, the righteousness of Jesus Christ which is put to the account of each one who calls upon Him in faith. It is a gift for the asking. There is no hope for any of us if we depend upon our own righteousness; that is why God sent His Son.



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