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Kermit L. Minnick, Pastor

“For with God nothing will be impossible.”
Luke 1:37

When God sent an angel to inform the virgin Mary that she was to supernaturally conceive the Messiah, He also informed her that He had already enabled her formerly barren elderly relative Elizabeth to conceive a son through her elderly husband Zacharias. The explanation for these wonders is summed up by the angel’s words, “For with God nothing will be impossible.” God puts forth His almighty power each moment of every day in upholding the universe and all of its parts. He normally puts forth His power in a uniform manner which enables us to live in a predictable world of cause and effect. He causes the sun to rise in the east. He causes iron to sink when put into water. He enables women to conceive, generally into their early forties. He enables a female to conceive by means of a male. But in the Scriptures we read that God is not limited by what He normally does. He moved the sun backwards; He caused an iron axe head to float, He enabled elderly women far past the age of child-bearing to conceive, and He enabled one woman to conceive a Son without the instrumentality of a male. This absolutely unique conception was due to the identity of the Son conceived. He who is without beginning, who created all things in the beginning, did in the fullness of time become flesh and dwelt among men. The eternal divine nature of the Son of God was joined to human nature in the womb of the virgin, and His name is Emmanuel, or “God with us.” As a sinless man He could suffer the punishment of our sins as our substitute; as God His obedience and sufferings had infinite value. “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved.”



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