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Kermit L. Minnick, Pastor


“You shall not follow a multitude to do evil.”


It is not man who defines what is good and what is evil; rather, man’s task is to abide by the authoritative determinations of God his Maker. Man’s conscience is an internal voice which declares to him what he understands to be allowed or forbidden. Conscience is not infallible (for sinful man is depraved), but it is authoritative. We should never violate our conscience for to do so is to willingly and knowingly defy God’s authority over us. Those who have the Holy Scriptures are to use them to educate and sensitize their conscience so that it functions more accurately in the many varied circumstances of life. The desire for social acceptance often tempts men to reason that if many people are engaged in a particular behavior, it must be righteous and legitimate. But here the Bible gives our consciences some help. ”You shall not follow a multitude to do evil.” Evil is not less evil because many people practice it. Profanity is not more righteous when increasing numbers of people speak profanely. Immodesty in dress is, according to God, an evil, and it is evil no matter how popular and fashionable it is. Deceitfulness is not rendered less heinous if “everybody is doing it.” Prayerlessness is not less dishonoring to God when more and more people fail to pray. Our conduct is not to be decided on the basis of the practice of those around us, but rather, on the basis of the authority of the One above us. It is not rich men, educated men, influential men or collective man (the state) who should influence us in our behavior, but the God of heaven. We need the desire for divine acceptance. The multitude of Noah’s day was evil. There were only eight in the ark.



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