Westside Baptist Church of York  
Welcome to West Side Baptist Church of York

What To Expect

Sunday School

Adult and Children's Sunday School classes are at 9:30 each Sunday morning. These studies in God's Word are profitable for all, whether believers or unbelievers, whether new to the Christian faith or mature and established Chrsitians. The children's classes are age-appropriate and teach the young a reformed Christian world-view.

Lord's Day Services

All of the worship services at West Side are "traditional" worship services. We avoid levity and foster a reverent yet joyful spirit. We sing hymns and use the Trinity Hymnal. While our preaching is normally from the New King James Version, worshippers are free of course, to use which version they wish. Bibles are available for any visitors who may need one. A service bulletin is availalbe each Sunday morning.

A typical order of service is:

Scripture Reading


Children are encouraged to attend the worship services with their parents. However, a separately furnished and attended nursery is also available Sunday mornings for young children.

Wednesday Evening

The mid-week prayer meeting consists of a hymn, followed by a brief lesson from the Scripture, followed by prayer requests and prayer. Sometimes the men will lead the group in united prayer, but most often the men pray in a group by themselves and the women pray in a group by themselves. The service which begins at 7:00 PM is usually concluded by 8:00 PM, but folks love to stay and enjoy fellowship after the serivce.


As we come to worship and fellowship our Lord and King Jesus Christ, modest apparel is appreciated. Sundays  attendees typically dress in  what would be referred to as business casual or business dress. Wednesdays are perhaps a little less formal as folks are coming from work or from their busy day to worship.



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